Bronx World Film Cycle 2014 (Winter Edition)

@ Bronx World Film Cycle, Winter 2014
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@ Bronx World Film Cycle 2014

People’s Choice Awards, Winter 2014

Thanks to the gracious sponsorship of Dr. Leong Ying, who made it possible for us to recognize the outstanding work of the following filmmakers. (All films are U.S. premieres).

              WHITE SOLDIER

(DIR/SCR Danielle Zini. ISRAEL, 2012. TRT 60’00.”) Painted white from head to toe and decked out in full combat gear, the White Soldier and his partner patrol West and East Jerusalem, mixed Israeli-Arab cities, settlements and Palestinian villages. The ongoing performance (2009-2013) makes comedic use of provocative situations that bring to the surface a debate about the complexity and absurdity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while re-examining the circumstances that enable the presence of the soldier to become part of everyday reality.

              FOR THE BIRDS


(DIR/SCR Tara Atashgah. USA, 2012. TRT 10’25.”) A crowd in Iran gathers to watch a young woman die by hanging. She begs for help, but they all just watch in horror of the authorities as she is about to get executed. Only one particular young man cannot remain silent. Inspired by the true story of a 2004 execution of a 16 year-old girl named Atefeh in Iran.

                     8 BULLETS

(DIR/SCR Frank Ternier. FRANCE, 2014. TRT 11’00.”) “My name is Gabriel and I live in Taipei. I lost my wife during an assault. A red-haired man entered my home, smelling of dried fish. He was carrying a weapon; he used it on my family. Since then, I've been feeling a void; a hole in my head.” A story of vengeance, memory, and the feeling of injustice. Gabriel is an everyday man in his thirties, lost in his thoughts ever since an attack on his family went wrong: a bullet hit his daughter in the leg, another his head, and his wife ended up dead. The hole in his head won’t close up. He's a prisoner of painful memories that constantly remind him of the carnage. (New York City premiere)

CATEGORY: Animation
CATEGORY: Short Fiction