ben Maimon in the Sandstorm of Letters

A Work-in-Progress for Stage and Film - Sunday June 1, 2014

1138 C.E. Al-Ándalus, Córdoba, Spain. 500 years into Moorish rule, and now under Almoravid dynasty governor Tamin ibn Yusuf, this cultural hub enters the final chapters of an unprecedented era of collaboration between Arabs, Christians and Jews that will shape Western civilization. Mosheh ben Maimon, rabbi, philosopher, physician, astronomer and Torah scholar, beloved and claimed by Arabs, Jews and Christians alike, speaks to the present through his writings, original poetry, live music and life of personal loss, hardships and, finally exile from his homeland as fundamentalists from North Africa invade the region. Read Press Release...

Sunday June 1st, 2014 at 6 p.m.


La Nacional - Centro Español

239 West 14th St. (7th-8th Aves)

2nd Floor Performance Venue

New York, New York

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