January 11,13 (2019)

What is ¡España Hoy!

Contemporary Spanish Film in All Its Kaleidoscopic Diversity


We founded the ¡España Hoy! series at La Nacional in 2018 in gratitude for helping us become what we are today. It screens contemporary arthouse cinema in all genres by young and emerging Spanish and Spanish-descended filmmakers or by non-Spaniards on Spanish themes living anywhere in the world. It is designed to provide a platform for the genius and kaleidoscopic range of film by Spain’s new generation of filmmakers.

This year we spotlight Tarragona-based dance film masters Marta Arjona and Mei Casabona in “RETROSPECTIVE: Dance Works on Film by Marta Arjona and Mei Casabona + two world premieres.” The Tarragaona-based filmmaker team returns to the series with five previous works and two world premieres, Unexpected Messages and VaivÉ/sWing.

Dance Films of Marta Arjona and Mei Casabona
+ two world premieres
Friday, Jan. 11 @ 7:30 pm
Sunday Jan. 13 @ 6 pm

¡España Hoy! Spanish Film Series

La Nacional - 239 West 14th St.., 2nd Fl,

New York City

Friday January 11th, 2019 @ 7:30 pm

Sunday January 13th, 2019 @ 6 pm

Nigra (SCR/DIR Marta Arjona/Mei Casabona. SPAIN, 2016, color, 09:15 min. Dance Film.).

Quadrant (SCR/DIR Marta Arjona/Mei Casabona. SPAIN, 2017, color, 08:15 min. Dance Film.). US and NYC Premiere at ¡España Hoy! 2018.

Freiheit (SCR/DIR Marta Arjona/Mei Casabona. SPAIN, 2018, color, 24:21 min. Dance Film.)

Et Ballo Cataluña (SCR/DIR. Marta Arjona/Triana Botaya, SPAIN, 2018, color, 13:00. (Dance Film.)

Unexpected Messages (SCR/DIR Marta Arjona/Cristina Requena. SPAIN, 2019, color,

03:25. Dance Film.) World premiere

VaivÉn/sWing (SCR/DIR Marta Arjona/Cristina Requena. SPAIN, 2019, color, 04:21. Dance Film.) World Premiere


(Dance Film)

(SCR/DIR Marta Arjona/Silvia Robert. SPAIN, 2019, color, 04:21. Dance Film.) The piece is based on wanting to possess each other while fleeing at the same time. As we choreographed it, we thought about how something inside us had us hypnotized. This fact lead one individual to help the other and viceversa. Leading with this idea of wanting and not wanting, we called this piece “b A I b É N.”

(World Premiere:)

(Dance Film)


SCR/DIR Marta Arjona/Cristina Requena. SPAIN, 2019, color,  03:25. Dance Film.) A call in the middle of the void. An unexpected message which, although it disappears physically, it leaves its trail in the air. Because we cannot go back, but we cannot change words that have already been spoken.

(World Premiere)


Et Ballo Catalunya
(Dance Film)


(SCR/DIR Marta Arjona/Triana Botaya. SPAIN, 2018, color, 04:21. Dance Film.) I Dance You, Catalonia tells through movement the story and experience of Mexican dancer Triana Botaya as she arrives in Catalonia and pursues her dream in the world of dance. The fears, the loneliness, the childhood dreams, the first shows of support and, finally, the breakthrough are a few of the emotions that Botaya experiences while she visits some of the icons of our land such as vineyards, castles (human towers), the Mediterranean or our cultural heritage..


(Dance Film)

SCR/DIR Marta Arjona/Mei Casabona. SPAIN, 2013-14, color, 24:21 min. Dance Film.) “Self-control is an essential part of freedom, and comes from reflections on the self by virtue of which one gets to know oneself and renders judgmenet on things and on judgment itself. Still, this capacity to choose can err and be nmisused. In learning to serve our freedom property lies conquest of moral freedom.”

(Dance Film)

Nigra (SCR/Marta Arjona, DIR/Marta Arjona, Mei Casabona, SPAIN, 2016, color, 9:15 min. Dance film.) She has remained silent on many things. As a result of her silence, she has forgotten many things and today, without wanting to she has lifted the lid on the treasure chest of her memories to realize that the future is the fruit that grows from what we sew in the past and in the present.

(Dance Film)


(SCR/DIR Marta Arjona Blasco and Mei Casabona. SPAIN, 2017, color, 08:15. Dance film.) The importance of defining identity and gender, of fitting in, makes us prisoners of others. Gender defines us, but man-woman comparisons lock us up for life. Quadrant takes place at the center of the feminine-masculine struggle. It takes place at the Coma-Ral alabaster quarries, surrounded by the memories of the men who extracted the stone by hand back in 1917. It was a year of revolutions and struggles for bedrock human rights. Sarral celebrates 100 years of the opening of the first modern alabaster workshops in the county, a landmark that created a unique artisanal tradition.

(Dance Film)

(SCR/DIR. Marta Arjona and Mei Casabona, SPAIN, 2017, color, 5:24. Documentary.) Through movement the dancer experiences physical and emotional changes constantly. X_Trem aims to design connections taking as its departure point the abstraction of movement where body, space and image draw and define in order to awaken something unique and personal in the viewer.


(US Premiere at ¡España Hoy! 2018)