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We Hold Our Cycle in Manhattan

New York City’s Trailblazing Arthouse Film and Multiarts Event… with Central American flair

New York City's pioneering film and multiarts event inspired by Central American culture returns to  La Nacional -- the venerable Manhattan arts organization that has welcomed us since our founding -- for a sixth consecutive year.  This year we screen 30 works from 24 different countries made by 29 directors, including world, national and local premieres. We’ll have powerful documentaries and a great program of shorts.  The Cycle, which brings unusual films to New York audiences, also includes visual arts, crafted goods, live performance and Central American delicacies. It offers New Yorkers a memorable film-viewing experience that has made a niche of its own in the city’s bustling arts landscape.

¡España Hoy!

Spanish Film Cycle

At La Nacional

239 West 14th St., Fl. 2

(7th-8th Ave.), New York City

Tuesday January 16th, 2018

7:00 pm - PROGRAM A

Sikame (SCR/DIR El Buen Árbol Animation Studios, SPAIN, 2017, color, 07:21. Animation.)

Operation Jaqué (SCR/DIR Sergio Colastra Milán, SPAIN, 2017, color, 18:02. Documentary.)

Mighty Boy (SCR/DIR Javi Yáñez, SPAIN 2017. TRT 17:28. Action Cult film.)

La Perrera (SCR Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo/DIR Javi Yáñez, SPAIN 2016. TRT 03:34. Visual Poetry.)

Sacred Love (SCR/DIR Javi Yáñez, SPAIN 2017. TRT 20:40). Drama.

8:00 pm - PROGRAM B

Krise (SCR/DIR Juan Ayanz, SPAIN. 2013. TRT 02:45).

Quadrant (SCR/DIR Marta Arjona Blasco and Mei Casabona. SPAIN, 2017, color, 08:15. Dance film.)

Mimo (SCR/DIR Juan José Moya. SPAIN, 2017, color, 02:59. Drama.)

Manuscript Found in Oblivion (SCR/DIR Eugenio Recuenco. SPAIN. 2017. TRT 20:00. Drama).

Insania (SCR/DIR Vanessa Calderón, Daniel Diosdado. SPAIN. 2013. TRT 08:00. Drama).

For You (SCR/DIR Daniel Diosdado. US. 2013. TRT 08:00. Drama).

9:00 PM- Forum.

Daniel Diosdado and Sergio Colastra

The Films and the Directors
Daniel Diosdado and Sergio Colastra will be present at the screenings for conversation with audience members at the end of the evening.

The Value of Hope



(SCR/DIR Sergio Colastra, SPAIN/USA/PANAMA, 2018, color, 18:02. Documentary.) After being kidnapped in 2006 by FARC guerrilla forces in the jungles of Darién (Panamá), Spaniards José Colastra and his son Sergio, the filmmaker, return 10 years later to Jaqué, the location of the event, to meet with Heriberto and others to recreate said events and analyze its consequences on border communities.   Part of the informational dossier for the feature En el corazón del Darién,  based on José and Sergio’s experiences as captives. (In Spanish with English subtitles.).


Sikame (SCR/DIR El Buen Árbol Animation Studios. SPAIN, 2016, color, 7:21. Animation.) Based on original melodies by fellow granadina and now New York-based Lara Bello. Sikame appeals to urban art and film lovers and had its US premiere at Bronx World Film Cycle 2016 after a successful launch tour of Granada and Barcelona. Sikame marks the launch of El Buen Árbol as an international arthouse producer. (In English with Spanish subtitles)

(Cult Action)


(SCR Miguel Morán/DIR. Javier Yañez, SPAIN, 2017, color, 17:28. Action Comedy.) Jaime, a university student, decides to leave it all behind when he gets a job on a television program that lets him make his dream come true: to be a superhero. Things in the real world, however, don’t always work the way they do in comics, and risky decisions always bring unforeseen consequences. Jaime must train hard to fight against his greatest fear: adult life. An authentic hero doesn’t need superpowers. (In Spanish with English subtitles)

Poster for Salvadoran feature film Malacrianza


(Magical Realism)

(SCR Gustavo Prieto /DIR Javier Yáñez. SPAIN, 2011, color, 20:40 min. Terror.) Lucía has a vocation. She has decided to share her life with God and is weeks away from finishing her novitiate. Her motivation is to surrender all the love she carries inside to the world. Her ability to control her emotions, however, will not be enough to overcome her desire to love, and someone will return to be with her and help her to feel fulfilled; a being with a great heart but  mysterious intentions. (In Spanish with English subtitles)

(NYC Premiere.)



(SCR Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo/DIR Javier Yañez. SPAIN, 2017, color, 03:34 min. Visual poetry.) La Perrera lived with a handsome man, much younger than she. Neighbor women gossiped across clotheslines that she held him with witchcraft. (In Spanish with English subtitles.)

(NYC Premiere)

Poster for Salvadoran feature film Malacrianza
Promotional image for The Devil’s Elbow (documentary)


(SCR/DIR Daniel Diosdado. SPAIN. 2013. TRT 08:00). Laura returns from the doctor’s. She walks into the parking lot towards her car. She’s about to go home to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. Laura feels very happy. She’s going to announce to her family that she is pregnant for the second time. Right when she opens her car door, a man attacks her…

Manuscript Found in Oblivion



 (SCR/DIR Eugenio Recuenco. SPAIN. 2017. TRT 20:00). A young poet who flees the war with his pregnant wife, writes a manuscript telling his last days of resistance to his own circumstances and sentencing of her newborn daughter. It´s the testimony of the escape already defeated through a diary in times of silence between snow, cold and despair. (In French with Spanish subtitles)


(SCR Jeta Betjullahu and Daniel Diosdado. DIR Daniel Diosdado. SPAIN/USA, 2015. TRT: 4 min. 47”) This short art film shows four artists depicting the lengths they all go to just to create. Each enacts a verse from a poem depicting mental distress, artistic determination and the psychological state of overcoming an artistic block expressed through physical pain. They continue to create as the pain level rises. Artists will fade away, however we all hope the collective experience of art and ART itself can transcend time and be passed on. (In English with Spanish subtitles)




(SCR/DIR Juan José Moya. SPAIN, 2017, color, 02:59. Drama.) A mime tries to express with its body what words are not able to say, and bring to light secrets that remained carefully hidden until now.

(Dance Film)



(SCR/DIR Marta Arjona Blasco and Mei Casabona. SPAIN, 2017, color, 08:15. Dance film.) The importance of defining identity and gender, of fitting in, makes us prisoners of others. Gender defines us, but man-woman comparisons lock us up for life. Quadrant takes place at the center of the feminine-masculine struggle. It takes place at the Coma-Ral alabaster quarries, surrounded by the memories of the men who extracted the stone by hand back in 1917. It was a year of revolutions and struggles for bedrock human rights. Sarral celebrates 100 years of the opening of the first modern alabaster workshops in the county, a landmark that created a unique artisanal tradition.

(US Premiere)


SCR/DIR Juan Ayanz. SPAIN, 2013, color, 02:45. Drama.) Krise take a dystopian look at a society in which men and women are measured strictly by their profitability. Markets rule the world. Nothing and no one escapes their controls. (In German with English subtitles. US Premiere)

(US Premiere)