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We know that in addition to the incredible films we screen, audiences find the hot and cold delicacies we serve highly attractive. You don’t find a lot of Central American food in New York, and food is an integral part of cultural heritage, so we have included gastronomy in our program since the beginning. Please enjoy the hot and cold delicacies that our special guest entrepreneurs Melissa Velásquez and César Róchez have been so gracious as to provide this year.


MELISSA VELÁSQUEZ. All day Saturday, December 10th to closing at 5 p.m.

CÉSAR RÓCHEZ will be with us every day from the 9th through the 11th.



Of Melissa’s Pan will share her food with us all day Saturday from opening to closing

Sat. Dec. 10, 2016

10 am - 5:00 pm



Our audiences this year can sample the unique gastronomy of the Central American Garífuna courtesy of Melissa Velásquez, who will soon open “Melissa’s Pan,” the first Garífuna fine-dining establishment in New Jersey, possibly in the United States. Born in the Honduran coastal village of La Esparto, Atlántida, Melissa descends from the Garífuna people, indigenous inhabitants of the island of St. Vincent (in the Caribbean) and Africans who migrated to the island from throughout the region to escape slavery. Exiled from St. Vincent to Roatan, Honduras in 1797, they spread throughout Central America, originally along the Caribbean coast. Melissa’s family subsisted by fishing and preparing traditional foods, characterized by abundant seafood, fresh herbs and vegetables and accents of coconut and pineapple, which Melissa sold in a nearby town.


Melissa also survived a difficult childhood plagued with sexual abuse to become a successful, innovative entrepreneur. She is writing her own story  now, and says “I hope other women who suffered abuse can find their saving grace, take charge of their lives and feel the pride and exultation that I now feel.”

César Róchez

of Nubute

Will be with us for the 3 days of our event from December 9-11


Flatbread of the Ancient Caribbean

Casabe, in the Spanish Caribbean, is the word used for a flatbread made from the starchy flour of the yuca root, also known as manioc. The practical, nutritious, organic and virtually imperishable staple food of the Garífuna people of Central America  makes the ideal companion for long trips at sea as Garífuna men and women of yesteryear did for possibly thousands of years. Now authentic casabe comes to New York City in the form of casabe chips by Nubute. Come taste a sampling of casabe made a variety of ways both traditional and modern. If you’re lucky you might get a free sampling of Nubute casabe chips before the official New York City launch. Casabe is an expression of Garífuna culture, which UNESCO in 2001 declared a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Legacy of Humanity.


(Founder of Nubute)


César is a Garífuna cultural ambassador, music producer, touring performer, and now cultural entrepreneur. He founded Nubute, a purveyor of fine Garífuna arts and artisanal production, and has recently launched in the New York City market with casabe chips, the ancient flatbread of the peoples of the Caribbean, made from starchy yuca, or manioc root flour. Bronx World Film will feature a casabe tasting with César demonstrating traditional and contemporary styles. His ancestral Garífuna culture has been named a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2001. The language contains the last living repository of the indigenous Arawak language of the Caribbean Basin.