¡Nuestro Evento es en Manhattan!

El Evento Pionero en Nueva York de Cine de Ensayo y Multiartes… con Estilo Centroamericano

El evento pionero en Nueva York de cine de ensayo y artre multidisciplinario inspirado en la cultura centroamericana vuelve por sexto año consecutivo a La Nacional, venerable organización que nos ha dado un hogar desde que nos fundamos en 2011. En este Ciclo presentamos 28 obras de 23 países distintos, entre los que se cuentan estrenos mundiales, nacionales y locales además de un primer Ciclo con predominio de documentales. El Ciclo presenta cine artístico con arte visual, producto artesanal y delicias gastronómicas centroamericanas, con lo cual se ha forjado un lugar propio en el agitado panorama artístico de la ciudad.




Bronx World Film Cycle

Programa Invierno 2016

(Proyecciones en Manhattan)

La Nacional

239 West 14th St., Piso 2

(7-8 Av.), Nueva York

Viernes 9 de diciembre

10:00 am: Apertura, Arte & Artesanías

Café/Bocadillos Calientes

11 am: TANDA 1

12:45 pm: Degustación Gastronómica

2 pm: TANDA 2

3:00 pm: TANDA 6

4:15 pm: TANDA 7

5:30 pm: TANDA 8


Sábado 10 de diciembre

10:30 am: Café/Bocadillos Calientes

11:00 am: TANDA 3

12:15 pm: TANDA 4

1:15 pm: TANDA 5

2:30 pm: Degustación Gastronómica

3:00 pm: Estreno Sikame. Lara Bello y Artistas

Domingo 11 de diciembre

3:00 pm: Apertura

3:45 pm: TANDA 9

5:00 pm: TANDA 10

6:30 pm: TANDA 11

9:00 pm: CIERRE



Sun. Dec. 11 @ 5:00 pm


(SCR/DIR Marco Sainte Juste, HAITI, 2016, color, 3:12.) A young man’s spirit talks to him, advising him that smoking is bad for your health. The young man knows it, but will he stop smoking? (In French)


(World premiere)



Sat. Dec. 10 @ 1:15 pm

Sun. Dec. 11 @ 5:00 pm

(SCR Monserrat Araiza/DIR Isaac Gutiérrez, MEXICO/HONDURAS, 2016, color, 2:43.) POETIC DRAMA. A couple, man and woman, recall their youth, talk about their current lives, and speak of their aspirations for a world of respect and tolerance.


(World premiere)




Fri. Dec. 9 @ 11:00 am
Fri. Dec. 9 @ 4:15 pm



(SCR/DIR Mercure Ralphton, HAITI, 2016, color, 3:31.) Toto wakes up one fine morning and his ears itch him something fierce. He must visit the office of a lady at all costs to filch a “goose feather.” Nothing else will do. Be careful Toto! Original title: Toto le voleur.

(World premiere)

Guest Production House: Ciné Institute
Jakmèl, Haiti

The two micro shorts above, Why Not and Toto the Thief, come from an extraordinary film academy on the island if Haiti, Ciné Institute was born out of a local film festival. Beginning in 2004, Festival Film Jakmèl showed hundreds of international films free of charge to tens of thousands of Haitians. While the annual film festival was an extraordinary success, we discovered that audiences really wanted to see more local films and that Haiti’s youth were eager to learn how to make movies.

In 2008 Ciné Institute was officially launched to provide professional training in all aspects of filmmaking. We are dedicated to building new creative sectors in the Haitian economy and to providing talented youth the tools necessary to tell their stories to the world. Festival Film Jakmel is now produced in various forms by our graduates.

In 2013, in strategic partnership with We are the World and Artists for Peace and Justice, our sister college Audio Institute was launched.

This powerful alliance, in conjunction with Artists for Haiti, has created the Artists Institute, a multi division college for art and technology set on a magnificent 5 acre campus by the sea in Jacmel, Haiti.