La Nacional, our host since 2011, is one of New York City’s oldest community-based organizations, founded in 1868 by Spanish immigrants and now headquartered in Manhattan's former Little Spain, steps from the cobblestoned Meatpacking District on West 14th Street. It offers flamenco and tango classes, performances, exhibits and a range of social events. It welcomes all Spanish-speaking communities and in 2018, reopened the first floor after two years of renovations with a Spanish contemporary restaurant. The second-floor gallery seats 60 comfortably, with a small stage, screen and projection system where we holdour Winter Cycle and ¡España Hoy! series.
HNI. Hard Not Impossible Productions

Hard Not Impossible Productions, founded by Adonai Interiano and Elizabeth Madera, is our technical production partner and the only Latino-founded enterprise of its kind working in the heart of Hollywood. Small in scale but giant in scope, the company has the capabilities to provide full services in every aspect of film production from pre- to on-set to post-production, and has hands-on experience working with the latest in film-production technology. The company proved itself a valuable traveling partner in helping us bring our programs to the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras in 2016, where we established a sister organization as an arm for future productions.

Downhill Publishing, founded by fontmaster Ramón Abajo, is one of the leading companies in the world specializing in the production of ancient manuscript facsimiles. Located in a small office on West 14th Street, it has produced a series of award-winning books using medieval techniques of calligraphy on parchment, with authentic inks and bookbinding techniques. The company also specializes in the production of fonts and learning software

Film Festivals Days is a valued partner based in Croatia and specializing in project management and financing. It bills itself as “the key place to be for all organizers of film festivals in Europe: all those who are planning, developing, creating, organizing or contributing in various forms to European film festivals.”

Official provider of audio and sound for Bronx World Film Cycle, Summer 2017. A family-friendly, one-stop-shop party central with versatile staff provides affordable top-level party services for any party or social event. Specialists in audiovisual, interactive memories so your event stays with you a lifetime.

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