The Films




(DIR/SCR Yuda Braun. Israel, 2013. TRT 04:57) “The void separating us from things is the one nourishing our eyes.” Using hundreds of stills, montages, superimpositions, intricate editing and other resources of avant garde cinema, Berrío translates a poem into images. “I conceived it to explore and question the possibilities of what is visible and knowable, and also as an autobiographical document in which the photographic ‘I’ joins with the unknown and the space suggested by the poem.”




(DIR/SCR Arnaldo Menéndez. El Salvador 2014, TRT 4:01.) In the blink of a dying cow: creatures about to die; death moments recovered by light; a little girl stumbling through some damn lines; someone lost in the forest; living beings sharing agonies or the little joys -or condemnation, of being unsepulchred. At least for now.





(DIR/SCR Z. S. Rosenfeld. USA, 2012. TRT 12 minutes). A short film tribute to the creativity of artisans who decorated the European landscape with unique prayer houses, many now abandoned and in ruins. These physical, cultural and spiritual vestiges bear testimony to a world destroyed in the Holocaust, to the suffering and slaughter of an entire people. Begun years ago as Rosenfeld traveled in Europe photographing these icons, it became his life mission to memorialize the ghosts of a once flourishing spirituality. With a haunting, magical score by Elie Massias.





(DIR Patricia Chica, SCR Charles Hall. CANADA/EL SALVADOR, 2012. TRT 10:25). Stark, taut and clautrophobic, part psychological thriller and part horror, this film breaks new ground with its social message. Riley, a sullen young man, shaves and prepares to shower. He nicks himself and a drop of blood hits the white tub. The soundscape turns ominous as an “uninvited” stranger appears from beyond the grave to take Riley with him.






(DIR Laura Antohi. CANADA/EL SALVADOR, 2012. TRT 28:00). A companion piece to Patricia Chica's Ceramic Tango, this “making of” short follows THE Richard Cardinal and Holy Scar, fetish icons and best friends in real life, who with no previous acting experience in a mainstream movie are expected to render highly dramatic performances in only two months. The training takes its toll and becomes more a journey of self-discovery.


LET IT OUT!  trailer


(DIR Laura Antohi. CANADA/EL SALVADOR, 2012. TRT 28:00). A companion piece to Patricia Chica's Ceramic Tango, this “making of” short follows THE Richard Cardinal and Holy Scar, fetish icons and best friends in real life, who with no previous acting experience in a mainstream movie are expected to render highly dramatic performances in only two months. The training takes its toll and becomes more a journey of self-discovery.


LET IT OUT!  trailer





(DIR Patricia Chica, SCR Sarah Beckett. CANADA/EL SALVADOR, 2009. TRT 11:00) is short follows a woman suffering from total memory loss. Found unconscious in downtown Montreal, the police ask her who she is, where she came from, who else might know. Her haunting voice-over narration draws us into her utter loneliness, until a visit from a supposed acquaintance sheds unexpected light on the woman -- and her past.


Musician Guests

5:30 pm



The Garífuna culture has been declared a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, and Belizean James Lovell is one of its outstanding ambassadors. A composer, singer, songwriter, drummer and educator based in New York City, he spearheaded the Garifuna Heritage Workshops held every summer since 2011 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, now called the ‘Yurumein Garifuna Cultural Retrieval,” to reintroduce this culture to its ancestral homeland. He also teaches Brooklyn children and youth Garífuna nursery rhymes while balancing a busy schedule that includes traditional Garífuna music and fusion Garífuna music (this last through the Afri-Garifuna Jazz Ensemble). ( 



A native of Granada who now lives in New York City, Lara composes, performs and collaborates across the spectrum of cultures and expressions. World Music Charts Europe named her SpanishWorld Music Artist of the Year in 2010. This year the Spanish Embassy chose her to represent Spain at the European Cultural Month held at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. In the winter she toured several major cities in Spain.  In 2013 she premiered her recording Por el agua de Granada -- a collection of Andalusian and Spanish folk songs rescued from extinction by Lorca -- and Gharnati, celebrating the millennium of Granada’s Arabic Kingdom. She has studied classical music, jazz, overtone singing, Buddhist chant, flamenco dance and song, and Arabic dance. A psychologist and writer, Lara creates crossculture collaborations for peace and cultural dialogue, working with female inmates, children and Music Therapy. (



Born in Gibraltar and based in New York since 1994, this multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter has garnered critical acclaim and played on and produced dozens of recordings. Named one of the top 10 artists of the U.S. North East by Billboard Magazine at the Independent Music World Series 2007, he has made a reputation for  guitar work and improvisation, moving easily between Jazz, Flamenco, Middle Eastern, Sephardic and the rock music he grew up with. During his live performances, he sings and plays acoustic and electric guitar, soprano saxophone and Wavedrum while sampling  loops in real-time. At solo performances he asks members of the audience to write down short poems or lyrics and then improvises songs in real time with the lyrics.




Vocalist Lucy Blanco is a Bronx-born Garífuna musician with family roots in the fishing village of Santa Rosa de Aguán in Honduras. Her musical influences include Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Hector Lavoe, Gloria Estefan and Celia Cruz. She attended an Artist in Residence program at The Conservatory of Music in The Hague with Dr. Barry Harris as a member of The Radiant Voices. She credits The World Stage, the late Billy Higgins, the late pianist/composer/arranger Dahl Scott, and the late Michael Andrews along with many other artists and friends who graciously opened the door to the art of jazz. She is a founding member of the Afri-Garifuna Jazz Ensemble with James Lovell, which is currently recording their debut album, a fusion of roots Garífuna music with classic jazz.

Guest Music Curator



An ethnomusicologist, producer and long-time cultural activist, DJ Neva is former producer of "Continental Drift" on WBAI-FM and "New York International" on Haitian community station Radio Soleil. She is also founder of Music for the Masses, a multi-service collaboration specializing in World Music. In a career spanning more than 30 years, DJ Neva has been actively involved in management, booking, promotion and production of a long list of local, national and international artists. She has produced countless events, concert series, workshops and educational programs. Her current focus is the artistic development of bands and musicians she deeply believes in, through guidance, advocacy, studio production and promotional support. DJ Neva holds a Bachelor of Arts in Ethnomusicology & Linguistics and a Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies/Ethnomusicology.



1 pm and 5 pm

Guest Visual Artist



Linus began drawing at age 1, sculpting intricate cardboard and wood sculptures at age 8, and designed and built his first piece of furniture at age 12. A NYC native, he attended Music and Art High School in New York City where he met and collaborated with other local artists. Coraggio first began showing his sculpture in group exhibits in NYC, (some of which he curated at spaces like ABC NO RIO) while still studying for his BFA at SUNY Purchase. During this time he invented a genre of street art called 3-D graffiti, (welded, graffitied constructions bolted onto No-parking signposts in several major cities). After graduation, he participated in the blossoming East Village art scene, forming and galvanizing a sculpture group known as the “Rivington School,” which created massive junk sculpture installations on the Lower East Side from 1985 to 1997, (including the infamous Gas Station/Space 2B-his sprawling scrap metal studio of 10 years in a former gas station on 2nd St. and Ave B). Linus attended the Whitney Museum Studio Program in 1986, and has also received travel grants to Helsinki (Finland), Rotterdam (Holland), Linz (Austria) and Japan to do sponsored public sculptures. He still currently works and lives in NYC doing commissions and creating new welded abstract and figurative sculpture as well as one of a kind metal furniture. Ringo Starr is among his collectors.