How does an organization named Bronx World Film end up holding its main annual event in Manhattan? In 2011, after approaching Bronx-based arts, educational and community institutions over several years seeking a partner for our launch, we found a welcome at La Nacional in Manhattan (the Spanish Benevolent Society, founded in 1868 and located on West 14th Street). Our gracioius host ever since, it nurtures us and grants us a grand platform for  international audiences and media from a prime location. That visibility will boost our quest for a proprietary venue in our home borough where we can continue to grow, train and move to integrate film production into the range of activities we carry out.

Bronx World Film has also worked since its inception to fill some of the void in film and entertainment choices for many communities in its home borough, which today has only 2 movie theaters for 1.4 million residents. Both screen commercial fare only. We offer pioneering programs that bring arthouse to communities including nursing homes and, in 2017 for the first time ever, to Bronx parks. (see The Roving Cinémathèque below).

In 2016 Executive Director Walter Krochmal traveled to San Pedro Sula, Honduras to found a film and arts incubator there. Dring his 1--day tour he offered a free public screening of films drawn from the Bronx World catalogue to excited audiences. This public event, modeled on the Cycle format, included live performance, dance and music, too.

We’re an artist-founded, artist-run organization with a track record of service to world-class arthouse film and the visionaries who make it. Our annual Winter Cycle in Manhattan offers an unusual opportunity for filmmakers to mingle with actors, dancers, poets, musicians, visual artists, photographers, digital video artists and creative people from all walks of life to enrich their works over 2-3 days in the heart of old Manhattan and under the magic spell of Central American-inspoired décor, gastronomy and cultural programming. This diverse community of artists graciously collaborates with us and comes out for this event because they trust us. They are our greatest supporters, the best and brightest. This human network can help make your next project a success. Come to our annual Cycle event or contact us. We partner with the best.

As of our Winter 2018 Cycle edition, our unique online catalogue contains entries for 165 films from 46 countries. This includes features and microproductions in all genres from comedy to dramas political satire to documentaries, animation to cutting-edge video, digital art and dance films, too. It is a great educational and research tool. You can also browse through it with an eye to bringing some of these films to your own community. Contact us for more information!

Our annual flagship event presents curated screenings of world cinema with an emphasis on Central American film and cultural products in a setting reminiscent of a Central American coastal village fair. It often includes world, US and New York City premieres of films unavailable anywhere else. Its year-round availability and complement of visual arts, poetry, live music, handicraft exhibits and gastronomic delicacies transcend the conventions of film festivals. Audience members often stay long after the film they’ve come to see has ended for the warmth and stimulating company. You can tailor your own version of the Cycle: it’s a great way to create community!

A mobile, scalable version of our flagship Cycle program, we can customize our catalogue to suit a variety of venues and audiences, giving our films wider scope and reach. We began our first such roving cinémathéque at Morningside House nursing home in the Bronx in 2012, and for 2 years ran a monthly film night there for 30-40 residents and community, with guest appearances by filmmakers and lively discussions of the films. Call or write to arrange public and private functions year-round. . See Flickr gallery

Effective written, visual and audiovisual communications, promotion and packaging materials make your film command attention. We have experience in all media, both traditional and social, and can assist and guide filmmakers in crafting promotional materials and presentation strategies that will lend their work maximum impact on the viewer.

Arthouse films often have complex storylines and dialogue, and thus command much smaller audiences than commercial film. To increase international audiences, producers use audiovisual translation (subtitles, captioning or voice-over dubbing), which calls for technical proficiency, aesthetic rigor and knowledge of the medium’s exigencies. Bronx World Film, with expertise acquired through years of work in film and television, subtitles many of the works we screen into English and Spanish, and assists producers in correcting English-language subtitles from other languages. We offer training in all these disciplines. (On right: EZ Font by Fontmaster Ramón Abajo. Production stills courtesy of Cien Pies Producciones)

We’ve explored all five boroughs of the city on foot and by mountain bike for many years, with particular attention to Bronx landscapes, from woodlands to parks to seascapes to industrial neighborhoods and residential areas. The borough is angling to become a key player in the city’s film industry, and its distinctive terrain has already begun to draw film crews. We can help you redefine the “New York City look” through our knowledge of this vast borough.

Founder Walter Krochmal honors his Central American roots by making the region’s filmmakers -- inside and outside the isthmus -- a primary focus of Bronx World Film’s programming. The Cycle, with its multiarts component, is designed as a cultural trade mission that offers an international platform to the region’s small cultural artisans, raising their international profile and boosting self-esteem of its communities everywhere. Paired with high-quality world film, this program component also promotes cross-cultural collaborations and innovation.